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LED lightings Welcome The Sweet Spring    2013-05-05
According to the latest news,from the international market price trend of LED bulbs,the prices of LED bulbs to replace the traditional incandescent light bulbs have decline.From the regional market perspective,in the past, region with the l

PC Makers Aim At The Gray Market    2013-05-05
As affected by the Thailand's flood,the supply shortage of hard disks is worsening, some PC vendors have begun to find sources in gray market, some PCODM (original design manufacturer) may be forced to stop production from November.The acti

LED Will Open A New Wave Of Price Competition    2013-05-05
According to the latest survey report about prices, in the third quarter of 2011, the LED market price continued to fall, TV backlight Specifications dropped about 8 to 15%. It is mainly because Television in 2012 is about to turn the backl

HTC Beats Apple and Samsung To Be The Largest Smart Phone Ma    2013-05-05
According to Voice of the economy, the world's report, now suppressed for years by Apple,HTC can finally stand tall, and the latest data shows that, HTC has become the largest U.S. smart phone manufacturer. Market research firm ,Canalys rel

ST Launches A New MEMS Microphone    2013-05-05
STMicroelectronics further expands the product portfolio and launches the low-power digital MEMS microphone of new high-performance. MP34DT01 pickup holes overhead microphone from STMicroelectronics uses 3x4x1mm ultra-small packages, so tha

Fairchild Semiconductor Launches Lithium-ion Battery-Switch    2013-05-05
As the power requirements of portable devices become bigger and bigger,which forces to increase the battery capacity to provide longer usage time to meet the demand. This gives designers a series of challenges, including how to reduce charg

Stock offers of hot capacitors from Elecsound    2013-05-05
As Elecsound is manufacturer of capacitors with abundant experience,they could offer competitive tantalum capacitors,ceramic capacitors,film capacitors as well as electrolytic capacitors,now the great one is that Elecsound have some good st

Order Willingness Of PCB Supplier Will Be Weaken    2013-05-05
In recent years, Apple is pushing up the growth of Taiwan's most critical supply chain operations, but because of Apple haggling policy, orders change from the sweet to sour, some of industries do not want to lose money to eating apples. It

Power Manufacturers Will Benefit From Falling Prices Of LED    2013-05-05
Because of poor led market, coupled with high inventory, so tocast a shadow in the LED industry in the fourth quarter ,however,demand for energy-efficient lighting drives continuous growth of shipments in LED lighting, which becomes the onl

Thailand Floods Affect Industry Supply Chain    2013-05-05
Since the raged floods in recent weeks in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam continued deterioration, but also affect the region's electronics manufacturers and assemblers, and even making several important international supply chain links to b

Nokia Will Release Windows Phone Mobile    2013-05-05
According to the latest morning news today,at 16:400, 2011 NokiaWorld Congress will be opened in London, England, it is learned that Nokia will release in the conference the first WindowsPhone phone cooperated with Microsoft. Sina science a

Situation Of Smart Phone Market At Q3    2013-05-05
According to the latest news on October 25th, foreign media reports, an insider from The Wall Street Journal said, in the smart phone market, sales of Apple's iPhone is lower than the Samsung smart phones, the two companies have fought each

Japanese Automobile And Electronics Companies Have Developed    2013-05-05
According to Japanese Economic News ,the Japanese automobile and electronics companies have increased R D investment to improve battery performance, and prepared for large-scale applications of battery in the smart grid field and fighted fo

Sharp Starts Selling The world's Largest LCD TV In US    2013-05-05
Recently, the leading factory in Japan, Sharp sells world's Largest LCD TV in the United States,80 inch in size, the retail price is $ 5,500 (420,000 yen), which is introduced in April this year, following another large one from Sharp, 70 i

LEDs Are Flourishing And PCBs Welcome New Opportunities    2013-05-05
Because of Expo and the Asian Games promote,the demand of LEDs has increased. According to expert from the Guangdong LED Industry Alliance,outdoor lighting market in China was firstly started to drive the rapid industrial development.As the

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