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Trends Of Market Policy In LED lighting Market Change Road    2013-05-05
As we all know, with global energy shortages and rising electricity prices, more and more governments, businesses and other concerns as the fourth generation of green energy LED lighting. Since the country, the government plan policies, sub

This Year Mainland IC Design Output Value Is 68 Billion Yuan    2013-05-05
Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) today released a report on the status of the 2012 China's IC design industry. The estimated global proportion of the IC design industry in China will reach 13.61% this year, the output value reached 68 bi

The Japan PCB Poduction Of October Has Recession Again    2013-05-05
According to the statistics released by the Japanese electronic circuit Industries Association (JapanElectronicsPackagingCircuitsAssociation, JPCA) ,October 2012, printed circuit board (PCB; hard board + FPC) production slipped 3.6 percent

Semiconductor Revenue Is Down 5%    2013-05-05
Throughout the world, the entire semiconductor market revenue in 2012 will decline by nearly 5% to just over $ 200 billion. Compared to 2011, the top 20 semiconductor manufacturers, 15 of them decline in product revenue in 2012, including I

Oversold Of Electronic Components Industry Leads To Valuatio    2013-05-05
Since nearly two weeks, the global semi industry still has no significant improvement, in the October 2012 global semi operating income is 25.217 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 2.28%, growth of 1.72%. Meanwhile, the first week of D

The Funds Of Mainland IC Design Are Various    2013-05-05
DIGITIMESResearch views mainland IC design industry by the financial, research and development, human resources, production, sales and other five major aspects of features and performance, the industry financially obtains the fullest assist

LED lighting market In France During Christmas Holiday Is Pe    2013-05-05
According to the French daily Le Figaro , between the end of the Christmas date, festive lighting market is peaked. The general manager of a lighting companies said, lighting market is super seasonal market, 95% of the turnover at the end o

The Semiconductor Demand Is Back To Warm    2013-05-05
Japanese media reports, the world's second largest manufacturer of NAND-type flash memory (FlashMemory) ,Toshiba announced on December 21,because the semiconductor is back due to warm demand, their semiconductor factories in Japan will be o

China's New Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Process Has Bre    2013-05-05
In recent years, thefaster computers, mobile phones, more efficient power consumption, lower cost, this depends on integrated circuit manufacturing process continues to progress. Reporters recently learned from the Chinese Academy of Scienc

Forecast Of Global Semiconductor Market Revenue Growth    2013-05-05
According to market tracking reports from the semiconductor manufacturing IHSiSuppli supply , the global economic downturn has brought pressure which will result in annual global semiconductor revenue contraction, taking the industry last y

Automotive Semiconductors Is Expected To Surge 9.7% In Late    2013-05-05
Automotive semiconductor market is expected a rebound this year at the end, an increase of nearly 10%, operating income reaches $ 4.1 billion.According to China Research reportfrom IHSiSuppli company, despite demand slowdown than in previou

Book-to-bill Ratio Of North American Semiconductor Equipment    2013-05-05
International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) announced the orders shipped in November on December 18, the report shows that the average amount of 3 November 2012 North American semiconductor equipment manufacture

The LED Industry Is Expected To Rapidly Rise    2013-05-05
Beginning last year, the entire LED industry is in a state of cohabitation, dire straits, it has now entered a very serious reshuffle, reshuffleis the timethe LED industry must go through ,any one industry or industry must have degrees over

China Gradually Becomes Big Market Of Capacitors    2013-05-05
According to industry statistics, there are more than 600manufacturers witha certain size capacitor plant. Capacitor industry, the old state-owned enterprises show a good momentum of development after restructuring , new product development

IC Industry Maintains Steady Growth    2013-05-05
Looking ahead to 2013, the growth rate of the global semiconductor industry will rebound in cyclical, with the introduction and implementation ofFile No.4 issued bycountry ,China's IC industry is into the depth of the transition period, ind

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