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Sales Of Global Semiconductor Wil Be Up By 0.4%    2013-05-05
In 2012 global semiconductor growth is weak, sales only had a slight increase of 0.4%. With smart phones, tablet computers, automotive electronics and other fields continue to expand the demand for semiconductors,in 2013, the global semicon

Global Lighting Control Equipment Market Share In 2018 Will    2013-05-05
Recently, a well-known industry analyst firm - Global Industry Analysis (GlobalIndustryAnalysts, GIA) pointed out in latest research report that due to the rising importance of the industry, energy efficiency, and demand growth of wireless

The Chip Market Will Grow About 6% In 2013    2013-05-05
The market research firm, ICInsights predicts to benefit from the improvement of the global gross domestic product (grossdomesticproduct, GDP), the global chip market in 2013 will have a growth rate of 6%. From a more long-term point of vie

The LED Lighting Market Will Outbreak Next Year    2013-05-05
Light Emitting Diode (LED) next year will accelerate the expansion of the lighting market value. To replace 40-watt (W) incandescent LED bulbs, lowest retail price has reached $ 10, industry haS been optimistic about the overall LED lightin

At Fourth Quarter PCB Material Output Is Expected To Grow By    2013-05-05
According to planned investigation of IEKITIS, due to the rise in the international price of copper and fiberglass cloth, fiberglass yarn shutdown cold repair deficient supply side case, copper foil substrate plants have the opportunity to

Semiconductor BB Value Of North American Drops Again    2013-05-05
In October 2012 North American semiconductor equipment manufacturer orders shipped is estimated to be (Book-to-Billratio) 0.75, decline for the consecutive seven months and hit the lowest in the past year, but on the long-term observation o

Output Value Of Taiwan IC Packaging And Testing At Q4 Reduce    2013-05-05
The IEKITIS plans to release Retrospect and Prospect of Taiwan-based IC packaging and testing industry in the semiconductor industry at Q4, according to IEK, it is expected at the Q4 output value of packaging and testing output value will r

The Semiconductor Is Most Optimistic In Industry Outlook Nex    2013-05-05
Ministry of Economic Affairs investigates manufacturers' profit outlook next year, the semiconductor manufacturing industry is the most optimistic that next year's profit will increase the proportion of up to 54.21%, that will be reduced is

In Beijing 18 IC Enterprises Have More Than Billions In Annu    2013-05-05
Conference of 2012 Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium of the Tenth Chinese semiconductor packaging and testing technology market is hold in Beijing. It is reported in Beijing 18 integrated circuit enterprises have more than bi

Gartner Bearishes Growth Of Semiconductor    2013-05-05
Market research agency,Gartner revises down annual growth rate of global semiconductors in 2012 and 2013, from a revised 0.6% in October this year to 6.9%, and then revised to negative 3% and 4.2%, after the pre-correction,it is estimated t

B / B Value Of North American Semiconductor Is The Lowest    2013-05-05
International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) issued book-to-bill of North American manufacturers of semiconductor equipment ,0.75, the lowest record year in the past 12 months. SEMI said that at the fourth quarte

Qualcomm Forecasts Compound Annual Growth Rate Of Profit Wit    2013-05-05
Qualcomm said on Thursday, the next five years, the compound annual growth in revenue and earnings per share should be at least 10%. CEO of Qualcomm ,Paul Jacobs said smartphone, tablet chip sales will continue to grow, despite the global e

Texas Instruments Has Layoffers About 1700 To Lower Cost    2013-05-05
According to foreign media reports, Texas Instruments, announced local time on Wednesdayexit production smart phone application chip business, the company will lay off 1,700 employees in the wireless chip business sector - accounting for ab

LED Industry Will Usher The Explosive Growth    2013-05-05
For more than 1,500 LED enterprises in Shenzhen, Shenzhen promotes the use of LED lighting products is like a beacon. The program made it clear that the new lighting project for the city's public lighting field will use LED lights, original

The Embedded RF Light Bulb Will Take Off In 2013    2013-05-05
Market research agencY, IMSResearch predictS that 2013 will a year for embedded RF functionality bulbs to take off, more and more manufacturers plan to launch new lighting products to support a variety of wireless technologies. According to

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