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In 2012 The Semiconductor Industry Needs Innovation    2013-05-05
In 2012 that global semiconductor industry only has single-digit growth seems to have become the industry consensus, the growth rates are ranging from 2 to 8%, although the industry maintains growth, but it will face many challenges, the in

Holiday Notice From Elecsound    2013-05-05
As Chinese Traditional Spring Festival is coming soon,to celebrate it well,Elecsound will be on holiday from Jan 19th to 29th,2012,we will resume to work on Jan 30th,our factories have much longer holiday than this,thus,we could not arrange

Utilization Rate Of Renesas Semiconductor Reduces To 70%    2013-05-05
Nikkei Newsreported on the 17thThailand floods led to theproduction ofdepot is far as expected, besides,the demand of industrial machinery from China's semiconductorhas a halt, so the world's largest microcontroller (MCU) manufacturer ,Rene

LG Display Launches The World抯 Largest OLED Panel    2013-05-05
LG Display saidON 13th, one of the three major U.S. broadcast television stations, ABC MSNBC (Microsoft National Broadcasting Company, the English abbreviation for MSNBC, the NBC jointly run by NBC and Microsoft),and major networks saidbroa

In 2012 DRAM Market Will Have Major Changes    2013-05-05
According to DRAMeXchange's survey under TrendForce, in early January 2012 prices of DRAM are still flat out, average price of DDR34GBsticks to $ 16.5, DDR32GBremains at $ 9.25, but the overall volume has been gradually shifted from low-cos

Corporate Demand For Tablet PC Will Gradually Increase    2013-05-05
According to foreign media reports, IDC investigated for the domestic enterprises on application of the Tablet PC and found that thedemand of tablet PCs for the enterprises increased, nearly 90% of businesses are positive about the introduc

LED General Lighting Market Will Phase Out Low-voltage LED C    2013-05-05
LED general lighting market today is tempt everyone's appetite, which attracted so many people's attention, for no reason except the following three aspects, first, its market is large enough; at second end of this year or early next year,

Annual Growth Rate Of LED Output point Is 10%    2013-05-05
Optical Association (PIDA) pointed out that annual growth rate of output in the LED industry value was 3% last year,it is estimated that this year's market demand for LED lighting will take off, plus it is obvious TV backlight drives growth

Semiconductor Is Fear Of Renewed Price War    2013-05-05
The chief analyst of Barclays Capital Securities in Asia-Pacific semiconductor said the semiconductor industry is still underweight, it is estimated UMC (2330-TW), advanced (5347-TW), Morningstar (3697-TW) are better than expected in the fo

Philips And Siemens Reduce revenue growth Due To Weak Demand    2013-05-05
Under the pressure of economic crisis, profit of Royal Philips Electronics (RoyalPhilipsElectronicsNVNL-PHIA) has decreased by 45%, while Siemens (SiemensAGDE-SIE) has warned it is more difficult to get its compliance.Philips said today tha

STMicroelectronics Push The World's First Dual-core Gyro    2013-05-05
STMicroelectronics Introduces the dual-core gyro L3G4IS which is of function to handle identification and the camera image stabilization ,innovative system architecture allows equipment manufacturers to need a gyro to perform two different

Lenovo Will Become The Third Largest PC Vendor In US    2013-05-05
According to morning news on Jan 11th,CEO ofLenovo Group,Yuanqing Yangsaid the PC market share of Lenovo in the United States in future is expectedto enter the first three, squeezing out one of three companies,the Apple, Hewlett-Packard, De

Revenue Growth Of Semiconductor Industry Is Expected To Be 4    2013-05-05
The analysts from U.S. Wall Streetpredict that after the revenue growth of global semiconductor industryin 2011increased by1 ~ 2%, the growth rate in 2012 will be between 0 to 4%.We remain optimistic about the semiconductor industry that th

The foreign Trade Of Foxconn Accounts For 5.7% Of The Countr    2013-05-05
At the last day of 2011, Foxconn Technology Group Chairman, Terry Gou and HNA Group Chairman ,Feng Chen communicated about the cooperation inlogistics. The Chairman of Foxconn Technology Group,terryGou said he is considering to use of Haina

Enterprises In South Korea Usher New Opportunities    2013-05-05
The struggling memory chip market due to oversupply and price collapseshows signs of recovery. Because the Japanese, Taiwanese companies have cut production capacity, and demand for memory chipsused in smart phones, tablet PCs increase quic

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