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In 2013 Output Value Of The Global LED Lighting Products May    2013-05-05
In 2012, affected by the world economy ,global LED lighting market have sluggish growth, while domestic civilian needs to start to take some time, the whole industry is subjected to the winter baptism. According to CPbay China Harbour monit

Qualcomm Becomes Chip Manufacturer With The World's Largest    2013-05-05
On November 7 last year, the imperial bit chip technology change, Qualcomm surpassed Intel with market capitalization of $ 106 billion, to become chip manufacturer with the world's largest market value . According to statistics, until 2012,

Texas Instruments Have Expansion In Chengdu    2013-05-05
The reporter learned from the Chengdu High-tech Zone, one of the world's largest semiconductor company and the world's largest analog IC manufacturer - TI (Texas Instruments) has formally signed a contract with the Chengdu Tianfu Software P

Output Value Integrated Circuit Of Chongqing May Be Up To 50    2013-05-05
As one of the pillar industries of Chongqing,electronic information industry has a trillion prospects for development during the 12th Five-Year Plan, the integrated circuits usher in development opportunities. Yesterday, the Chinese IC desi

Renesas Electronics Will Have A Further 3,000 Job Cuts    2013-05-05
According to Japan's Kyodo News , the results of the downturn in the Japanese semiconductor giant Renesas Electronics Corporation announced on the 17th, collecting early separation will be over the age of 40 staff for the object. The number

Output value Of IC Design Last Year Accounts High Propotion    2013-05-05
Although last year most of the operational performance of Taiwan's IC design is plain, however, the output value of the global IC design continued upward growth. According to research coordinating body ICInsights statistics, the output valu

The Industry Is Optimistic about the industry output value o    2013-05-05
TV drived large-size LED TV, LED industry improved view for the backlight output growth next year, the new century not looks bad backlight product performance next year, including Epistar, deputy general manager of the new century technolog

In 2012 Exports Of Lamps In Kunshan Topped $ 150 Millions    2013-05-05
According to the Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Statistics, in 2012 Kunshan Export lamps were 3415,524 million units, $ 159,210,000, an increase of 115.9%, 133.0% and 139.7%. The products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe an

Product Advantage Of PCB Accelerates The World's Capacity T    2013-05-05
With the development of the communications in recent years, Printed circuit board industry develops quickly. At the age of the electrical popularity of information developed, PCB exists in all electronic equipment, is the foundation of all

Special Lighting Will Be The New Direction Of Development Of    2013-05-05
Currently, the market demand for LED lighting continues heating, but many large lighting project orders quietly emerged delayed signs. The unprecedented huge market of industry makes the competition fierce ,in some more common areas such as

TSMC's Revenue Decreased By 16% In December 2012    2013-05-05
TSMC announced on the 10th December 2012 Sales Report on the consolidated financial statements, in the December 2012 revenueis about NT $ 37.114 billion yuan, a decrease of 16.1% compared to November of this year, an increase of 18.8% compa

Chinese Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Scale Has An incre    2013-05-05
China's semiconductor lighting industry has retrograde growthundereconomic crisis, its market size 2012surges 23% year-on-yearthan 2011, with the continued promotion of energy-saving measures in the next few years the industry will continue

In 2012 The Output Value Of The global IC Design Has A New H    2013-05-05
IC design industry output growth last year, continued to outperform the integrated device manufacturers (IDM) plant, according to research coordinating body ICInsights' estimation, last year's IC design industry output value accounted for 2

The Mainland Market May Become Winter Haven Of Taiwan Semico    2013-05-05
According to the data of the year, due to the semiconductor winter approaching, Taiwan's semiconductor industry is being searched good way to get through this winter. And mainland China, there may be a good safe haven. Earlier this year, th

Global Power Management IC Market Will Decline 6% In 2012    2013-05-05
According to IHS iSuppli , due to the weakness in the global consumer market, once the global power management semiconductor market was expected to have moderate growth this year,but now it seems to be down 6%. IHS's Power Management IC Mar

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