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South Korean Has Developed Bendable Semiconductor    2013-12-31
According to Yonhap news on May 7, the Korea Science and technology hospital (KAIST) 7, said research team set led in the hospital of Science and Technology of Korea new materials disciplines Professor Li Jian recent developed out of the core compone...

Sales Of Electronic Components In China Have Increased Year    2013-12-31
In 2012, China's electronic device manufacturing industry completed a total investment in fixed assets amounted to 202.7 billion yuan; new investment in fixed assets amounted to 145.74 billion yuan. January-February 2013, China's electronic device ma...

LED Lighting Market Shows Recovey    2013-12-31
Recently, a number of LED lighting industry chain enterprises said in an interview that the international market since the beginning of improvement in the order situation is more optimistic. January is just start, February had sig...

India's Semiconductor Consumption In 2012 Increases 7%    2013-12-31
International Research and Consulting firm, Gartner said that the Indian semiconductor spending is $ 8 billions in 2012, representing a growth of 7.4% over 2011, this growth trend exactly contrast with the global trend ─ 2012 global semiconductor rev...

Peripheral Industry Of Semiconductors In United States Creat    2013-12-31
U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced on April 23, peripheral industry of semiconductors  creates jobs across the United States for more than 100 million people. SIA said in a news release in November 2012, the semiconductor in...

The Semiconductor Industry Can Not Expect Too Much This Year    2013-12-31
Although in March global semiconductor sales have a year-on-year growth of 1% for two consecutive months, and semiconductor equipment book-to-bill (Book-to-Bill) maintained at a healthy level; however, based on the global chip sales continued to be w...

Global Semiconductor Packaging And Testing Market Will Have    2013-12-31
According to the final statistics released by the International Research and advisory firm ,Gartner,in 2012 output value of the global semiconductor packaging and testing market (SATS) totaled $ 24.5 billion, representing a growth of 2.1% over 2011. ...

PCB Is Expected To Have Positive Growth    2013-12-31
Compared with  2011, in 2012 PCB used in the automotive has production value growth rate about 3.7%, an increase of 7.4% applied to the communication PCB, PCB decrease of 4.6% in applied to the computer, a decrease of 10.0% used in con...

2012 Is Worst Year For Analog IC    2013-12-31
Analog IC market, how many ups and downs in the past few years, the global economic instability, 2012 is one of the worst year . According to the market research agency ,Databean, the statistics show that in 2012 analog IC revenue is of less tha...

At Q1 Of 2013 Global Semiconductor Sales Are Over The Same P    2013-12-31
U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), on behalf of the United States's leading position in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and design, today announced that in March 2013, the global semiconductor sales reached $ 23.48 billion, compa...

TSMC And SMIC Foundry Actively Grab Market    2013-05-05
China 's IC design industry in eighty-five planning - 95 Year Plan period, through 908, 909 project to construct prototype development , 2000 Number of IC design companies have been approaching 100 , at the National Development ( 2000 ) No.

Electronic Components Industry Meets The New Development Cha    2013-05-05
Demand for LED lightingis rising,in 2013 LED demandhas rapid recovery, and Taiwan LED chip industry start ahead of package, showing strong demand. LED lighting order to determine the current round pick, corporate profitability has gradually

The Output Value Of Taiwan's Semiconductor In 2013 May Incre    2013-05-05
Information Institute (MIC) estimates that the smart phones and tablet computers, smart handheld devices stimulated the rapid growth this year, the performance of Taiwan's semiconductor industry will grow quarter by quarter, the annual grow

LED Has Recovery    2013-05-05
According to statistics, in the past six months, the market capitalization of over U.S. $ 100 million in stocks, there are 428 stocks rose more than 50%,if to extend the market value of $ 10 million or more, rose over 50% is up 557. Of whic

Taiwan's Investments Have Negative Growth This Year    2013-05-05
Taiwan's economic indicators this year is more optimistic in private investment but think tank scholars have pointed out that this year's private investment are actually supported by the semiconductor industry, the competitiveness of other

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