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Holiday notice for Chinese Spring Festival    2013-05-05
As Chinese Spring Festival is the biggest tranditional festival in China,people will have long holiday to celebrate it,Elecsound will have holidays for spring festivals from Jan 19th,to 29th 2012.

Mobile Penetration Of Middle East Will Exceed U.S.    2013-05-05
According to the statistics recently released by Global telecom and media market research firm InformaTelecoms Media,the total number of mobile phone users in the Middle East will exceeded 250 million in 2012, penetration rate of mobile pho

Power Management Semiconductor Have Strong Growth    2013-05-05
According to analysis report about power management from IHSiSuppli ,in 2010 all areas of power management semiconductor market experienced growth,the overall industry expanded to 310 billion U.S. dollars, and growths ofvoltage regulator tr

The Semiconductor Industry Outlook Is Bleak    2013-05-05
The director of Samsung Electronics solutions, Kwon Hyun (KwonOh-hyun) has said: In the context of economic slowdown, prospect for the semiconductor industry is very fuzzy,it is estimated growth rate in 2012 is not too high, and technology

LED Drive Power Industry Has Great Potential    2013-05-05
As LED lightings have obvious environmental protection and energy saving, currently countries are actively promoting led lighting. Drive power LED is one of the key components for LED lights, a LED lamp is with LED lamp drive power. By 2013

The United States Will Become The World's Largest PV Market    2013-05-05
American Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently released four research reports to make clarification on the collapse of the U.S. solar companies.Previously, the bankruptcy of Solyndra and other PV companies in United States has

Domestic LED Lighting Industry Welcomes ?African Opportunit    2013-05-05
Organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Government Foreign Affairs Office,the Shenzhen - Africa Cooperation Symposium was recently successfully held in Shenzhen, representatives from 46 Shenzhen enterprises attended together with 20 Ambassador

iSuppli Revises Down Forecast Of Semiconductor Shipments    2013-05-05
IHSiSuppli estimated annual global semiconductor market grew 2.9% over last year in the report published in September, over two months later, the annual growth rate is revised to 1.2% predicted in the fourth quarter.The vice president of iS

Thai PCB Factories Go To Taiwan To Grab Devices And Reset Pr    2013-05-05
In Thailand, due to the impact of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry from , the industry worried rebuilding production lines. It is understood that Thailand's largest PCB plant, many executives from KCE board takes advantage of the Ta

Intel Establishes $ 100 Million Fund To Promote AppUp Platfo    2013-05-05
According to reports from foreign media,the U.S. chip giant ,Intel announced on Tuesday that Intel's investment institution (IntelCapital) has established an amount of $ 100 million fund, the fund will be devoted to the relevant technology

Vicious Competition And Reduced Export Orders Lift closures    2013-05-05
Regarded as the emerging green energy industry by China, the LED lighting industry from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River enteres into winter in advance because of vicious competition in the market and reduced export orders,in this year,

Android Will Come From Behind To Change The Intelligent Term    2013-05-05
According to the report from Analysys International ,the monthly demand for China's smart phone market has been growing, Android will change the smart phone terminal market.The analyst of Analysys International,Ying Wang thinks the average

Intel Will Launch Processor Chip For Tablet PC    2013-05-05
Intel is reportedly developing the new processor specifically designed for tablet PC. This is a departure from Intel's original plan. Intel had planned to make the upcoming Medfield processor platform support both smart phones and tablet PC

Penetration Rate Of Smart Phones In China Ranks Third In The    2013-05-05
To better understand the use of smart phone for the global users,earlier this year, Google and IPSOSResearch jointly conducted a related study, this is the first large scale investigation about how people use mobile phones. The object of th

Output Value Of LED In Guangdong Will Exceed 160 Billions    2013-05-05
The eighth China International Lighting Exhibition Forum is open in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre. Vice Minister,Jianlin Cao said ,this year industrial output value of Guangdong LED industry can be over 160 billions. Xing

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