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Semico Says Chip Market Of Semiconductor Will Decline 2% Thi    2013-05-05
Research firm of semiconductor industry, Semico Research recently cut its chip market forecast in 2011, they forecast sales in the market will be less the 2 percent than in 2010. The agency previously forecasted chip market growth rate in 2

Matsushita Investments 17 Billion Yen In Vietnam To Build P    2013-05-05
Panasonic's Panasonic electronic components (PanasonicElectronicDevices) announced that, due to favorable demand for smart phones will be showed a significant growth, so the company will invest 17 billion yen in Vietnam to build a printed c

Capital Spending Of Semiconductor In 2011 Reached The Highes    2013-05-05
According to reports from the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI),capital spending of global semiconductor industry in 2011 increased to $ 41.1 billion, which created the highest record,SEMI estimated th

The Second Half Of 2011 Is Still Optimistic In The Semicondu    2013-05-05
Created by the analyst Bill Jewell ,Semiconductor Intelligence pointed out, the electronics industry is still optimistic at the second of 2011, but the agency will revise growth forecast of chip market in 2011 from the original 9% to 4%. Je

Sales Of NAND Flash Is Down 4.3% In The Second Quarter    2013-05-05
According to the report on flash memory from IHS iSuppli, due to a decline in sales from large firms, in the second quarter, there is an unexpected decline in NAND flash memory market. According to final data, the global NAND sales in the s

Revenue Growth Of Electric Cars Semiconductor Will Be 4 Time    2013-05-05
According to latest report from market research firm Strategy Analytics ,the semiconductor component used in electric vehicles (electric vehicles, EVs),the revenue will grow four times between 2011 and 2018, reaching 20 billion U.S. dollars

Global Electronics Industry Begins To Rise After September    2013-05-05
According to the latest data, in the last week, the price index of electronic components was 105.02-point , edged down 0.04%,which electronic components rose 0.82% , discrete devices decreased slightly by 0.12%. IC will remain stable, which

Bosch Developes Chipset With Freescale    2013-05-05
Freescale Semiconductor and Bosch Automotive Electronics Division create a reference platform for automotive airbags for emerging markets with its leading position in automotive electronics and systems expertise, such as India and China's g

Shenzhen Will Become a global trading center Of PCB    2013-05-05
Following the announcement to create a virtual trade platform, the Shenzhen e-commerce industry has begun to impact on global PCB trading center target. Reporters from yesterday at the 2011 Platinum strategy to upgrade the press conference

Major Trend of Semiconductor Industry    2013-05-05
Over the past four decades, the semiconductor industry has always been information technology revolution forward, the offered technology makes communication more convenient, business operations more efficient , and consumers have more infor

Panel Prices At Q4 May Stabilize    2013-05-05
It is estimated that in the fourth quarter,the offers of panels are expected to stabilize, but it is still hard to have rebound space. Involvement in the TV panel prices, losses of global panel plants in the third quarter may exceed the sec

Taiwan Will Be The Largest Area Of Supplier For LED Lighting    2013-05-05
LED applications continued to rise, which increased demand for lighting market, not only to achieve strong growth, LED lighting has become a major application. The total revenues of LED backlighting and illumination in 2010 were 7.2 billion

The Coming Challenge Of Super Capacitor Is To Improve Voltag    2013-05-05
Super capacitor is widely used in more and more areas, because the super capacitor can provide higher instantaneous power than the battery. Its important applications include the power which mobiles supply for flash, and accept recharge of

Increasing Demand Brings Boom Of Investment In LED    2013-05-05
Recently,the world's largest lighting manufacturer, Philips announced , due to energy-saving consciousness, driving Japan's offices and other places to continue to expand the demand for LED lighting , they would be into the Japanese office

Domestic Ics Will Benefit From Mobile Internet    2013-05-05
With the mobile Internet times, the domestic IC also benefits from this.From this year, the local IC industry ushered in the first round of shuffling, many small companies were closed down, the shipments of branded ICs also fell more than h

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