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ITIS Forecasts Output Value Of Taiwan's IC Design Will Have    2013-05-05
ITIS released the yearly forecast of semiconductor industry , by 2013 the output value of Taiwan's IC industry is expected to come to 17,856 billion yuan, representing a growth of 9.3% over 2012. IC design industry is expected to rely on th

OLED Will Exceed $ 200 000 000 000    2013-05-05
OLED display has features of CRT (cathode ray tube) and LCD (liquid crystal display) flat panel display, low voltage driving , all solid without auxiliary active backlight light emitting characteristics. These characteristicsmakeOLED device

In 2013 IC Market Is Expected To Grow By 6%    2013-05-05
Market research institution, ICInsights expected, the top ten IC product areasleaded by the the tablet device processor with the mobile application processor will havea growth rate of 6% or higher in 2013; the institution expecetedthe overa

General lighting Becomes The World's Largest Market For Pack    2013-05-05
In light strategy (StrategiesinLight, SIL) of the General Assembly held by the United States, a report from market research firm StrategiesUnlimited caused great concern, the report of the contents of the report on the 2012 global LED and S

North American orders Lead Full Recovery Of PCBs    2013-05-05
The printed wiring board (PCB) is one of the important parts of the electronic industry, the role of supporting and connecting to the electronic components. The PCB industry is the industry with largest proportion in the electronic componen

In 2012 Lighting Industry Output Is Up By 15.9%    2013-05-05
The Ministry of Industry today releasesthe economic operation of Lighting Industryfromthe January to December 2012.Itindicates that, from January to December 2012, China's Lighting Industry accumulated industrial sales output value has a ye

LED Lighting Industry Output Value In Guangdong Is Over 200    2013-05-05
Last year, Guangdong's LED lighting industry output valueis over 200 billion yuan, an increase of 32% over the previous year; product quality rateis more than 30%, the output value and quality areenhanced.Recently, the Guangdong Provincial

Publish Of Semiconductor Lighting Energy Industry Promotes I    2013-05-05
To guide healthy and orderly development of semiconductor lighting energy industry, promote energy conservation, on February 17, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry an

Samsung Is The Largest Customer Of Semiconductor In 2012    2013-05-05
According to Japanese media reports, the most authoritative global IT research and advisory firm Gartner consulting firm (gartner) recently released global electronics manufacturer of semiconductor parts demand survey report in 2012. The re

Capacitor Sales In China Ranks Second In The World    2013-05-05
Capacitor sales in China are 63.7 billion yuan, accounting for 4.64% of the electronic components sales 1.3737 trillion yuan, accounting for 24% of global sales, behind Japan (26%), ranking second in the world.Capacitor production in China

PCB copy board Will Open New Situation Of Domestic Electroni    2013-05-05
Under big pressure from big brands,the domestic mobile phone also seems to be at a very excited state of development, from millet, Meizu Quad-Core Battle sounded the horn, the consumer is very happy to see more high-end intelligent machines

STMicroelectronics Lost $ 430 Millions    2013-05-05
STMicroelectronics has announced earnings in the fourth quarter 2012: revenues have a decline by 1.3% year-on-year to $ 2.162 billion, slightly higher than the Bloomberg survey forecast of $ 2.12 billion. However, due to STMicroelectronics

LED Lighting Industry Tastes Sweetness    2013-05-05
With LED lighting prices continued decline, the number of scale has rapid amplification, ITRI Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center Energy Research Team Leader ,Lin Zhixun pointed out that the scale of the global LED lighting market to

Semiconductor Market Is On The Way To Recovery    2013-05-05
The market research firm ,Databeans forecasts, the global semiconductor market will restore long-term growth, between 2010 and 2018, a compound average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9%; However, the agency also points out that the recovery o

Japanese PCB Production Tends To Decline For 3 Months    2013-05-05
According to Japan's electronic circuit Industries Association (JapanElectronicsPackagingCircuitsAssociation;, JPCA) ,(in the number of employees in enterprises with more than 50 objects), in November 2012, printed circuit board (PCB; hard

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