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Shipments Of SMD Panels Increase    2013-05-05
According to study of prices for display from IHSiSuppli , despite the shipments in June rise, but because digital cameras and personal navigation devices and other applications have weak demand , the global small and medium display (SMD) p

Pcb Restructuring Is Necessary Owing To Rising Raw Material    2013-05-05
As electronic information times come, screen printing with unique features is widely used in electronics. With the increasing demand for electronic products and improvements in technology, screen-printing technology plays an important role

Analysis and Outlook of China's IC Industry    2013-05-05
IC is a new generation fast-paced, high-tech products. From today's point of view of international market structure, IC enterprises compete fiercely on ownership of intellectual property rights ,multinational global industrial organization

B / B Of Semiconductors Values Fall Below 1    2013-05-05
International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) announced on 20 June, bill ratio (of B / B value) of North American semiconductor orders is 0.94, a new low record since December last year, fell for three consecutive

Advices In Designing High Efficient And Reliable LED lirghts    2013-05-05
In 2011, Australia has been the first to prohibit the use of incandescent lamps which is good to promote massive popularity of LED lamps, then,the European Union, Japan, Canada and other countries will prohibit the use of incandescent lamps

Chengdu Becomes Largest Production Base Of MFELX For R &    2013-05-05
On August 17, U.S. MFELX Group established third wholly owned investment - Chengdu Wilson FPC Co., Ltd in Chengdu in China,and started building Hi-Tech Flexible circuit board factory in Chengdu, the total investment will reach $ 120 million

The Effects Decreased Prices Of Solar Panels Bring    2013-05-05
As each sunbathers can attest, good things, overdone is not good. For example, politicians who advocate of green jobs welcome the decline in the price of renewable energy, because only with competition in price,the industry can gain market

Overseas Companies Are Direction Of Future Of Japanese LED L    2013-05-05
Japan's top three largest LED lighting manufacturers are Panasonic, Toshiba Lightech, Sharp (Sharp), account for over 50% market share of LED lighting market in Japan, apart from these three manufacturers, the less well-known international

Gartner Revises Revenue Of Semiconductor In Next Year From 4    2013-05-05
According to foreign media reports, research firm,Gartner released the latest forecast that revenue of worldwide semiconductor in 2012 is expected to reach $ 309 billion, the annual growth rate is revised down to 2.2% from 4.6% in the previ

Samsung Will Invest $ 3.5 Billion To Build Semiconductor Pla    2013-05-05
According to report from South Korean media,that Samsung plans to invest about 35 billion U.S. dollars to build up chip plant in China, and put into operation in 2013. According to a regulatory file of the company, the factory will use adva

The Sales Of IC In Europe Have The Highest Reduction    2013-05-05
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced ON Dec 5th, in October of 2011 average worldwide sales of semiconductor for 3 month is $ 25.74 billion, slightly reduced 0.1% compared with the revised value in the previous month,$ 25,760,

Sales Of Global Semiconductor Break $ 300 Billion For The Fi    2013-05-05
According to latest news fromThe Wall Street Journal ,the Semiconductor Industry Associationsaid the sales of global semiconductor in 2011 toppedto $ 302 billion from $ 300 billion, an increase of 1.3%.The president ofSemiconductor Industry

Lenovo Becomes The World's Second-Largest PC Maker    2013-05-05
U.S. market research firm, iSuppli recently released data to show that, Lenovo has gone beyond Dell at the third quarter of this year and become the world's second-largest PC maker, which is a serious challenge for HP. While the overall cha

China's solar PV Market Accounts For 45% Share Of Asia    2013-05-05
The latest data shows that Asia has become the core area of solar photovoltaic power generation. According to research report about major PV market in the Asia-Pacific from Solarbuzz, it is expected PV market growth in the fourth quarter of

Trident PCB Plant In Thailand Donates 5 Million Yuan For Flo    2013-05-05
Thailand's second largest PCB plant KY Trident (4927), donates Baht 5 million yuan to the Tzu Chi Foundation, Thailand branch,which is put into the flood relief operations in Thailand.Thailand faced to the most severe flooding since 60 year

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