This Year The Output Value Of LED Will Exceed 320 Billions
Date: 2014-02-18

Reporters recently learned, thanks to China, the U.S., Canada, the European Union and other countries and regions worldwide ban incandescent lamps, and marketing of LED energy-saving light bulbs, coupled with last year, LED lighting product prices continued to decline, these are directly contributing to the rising demand for LED bulbs. The industry expects in 2014 global LED lighting market demand will scale up more than 18% year on year, while in 2014 the total output value of China's domestic LED industry will be more than 320 billion yuan downstream, more than 20% over last year. Development of LED industry conform to the global energy consumption, the pursuit of green and healthy living trend, is known for photovoltaic energy efficiency better way. In the current global LED landscape in China's manufacturing sector is important to the center, so the LED global growth is expected to help China LED business and industry to better profits, but the excess capacity, product homogeneity, the industry reshuffle and other negative effects on performance has been over a period of time starting to show.

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