Renesas Withdraw From LCD Semiconductor Chip Industry
Date: 2014-02-19

Major Japanese semiconductor company, Renesas Electronics has finalized the full withdrawal of liquid crystal semiconductor field approach. In the future development subsidiary will be sold , the subsidiary responsible for the development and sales for smart phones and other small and medium -size LCD semiconductors. Renesas Electronics is advancing structural reforms to slash staff in Japan as the pillars . Will concentrate management resources on the automotive sector and to accelerate reconstruction. Renesas Electronics Renesas SP Drivers will sell the company (Renesas SP DriversInc, referred RSP). The company engaged in the development and sale of liquid crystal device drivers for the driver IC . Expects 2013 fiscal year ( ending March 2014 ) will be 60 billion yen in sales , while the profit of around 60 billion yen. Has a base in Kodaira , Tokyo and Tenri , Nara Prefecture . Employs about 240 people .RSP contribution of 55% from the Renesas , Sharp contributed 25% , and as trustees of the RSP foundry Taiwan Semiconductor maker Powerchip Semiconductor (Powerchip) will contribute 20 %. Renesas plans to sell the entire equity interest . Bidding will be implemented in March , is expected to complete the sale during the year. Turnover is expected to reach tens of billions of yen. Powerchip Semiconductor and overseas semiconductor manufacturers , have already expressed interest .Small and medium- size LCD driver IC for mobile phones and smooth transfer of image data with the popularity of smart phones , the market scale is expanding. 2013 , cell phone driver IC in the world market increased by 25 % compared to 2012 , reaching about $ 2.5 billion . The RSP is to grasp the global share of about 30 % of the largest manufacturers. However , due to enter the mobile phone driver IC companies such as Korea and Taiwan , the competition will inevitably lead to the intensification of price declines . Renesas Electronics in 2012 withdrew from the field of the driver IC and other large LCD TV panels . The future will continue to promote the full withdrawal of universal LCD semiconductor business and focus on automotive and industrial equipment is expected to be long-term and stable development of the semiconductor industry .Renesas proposed to close five factories in Japan and cut staff quarter in Japan ( ie 5400 ) restructuring initiatives . However , it was decided to sell the facility is limited to Japan, Tsuruoka , Yamagata Prefecture factories , specific initiatives will be the next topic.

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