The Related Semiconductor Equipment Factory Follow To Blossom
Date: 2014-02-18

TSMC's operating at second quarter is expected to have strong recovery ,which will drive relevant section of the semiconductor packaging and testing equipment and factory revenue to make recovery, contributed to the semiconductor industry chain from upstream to downstream for comprehensive strength. Earlier American leading global semiconductor equipment , Applied Materials announced earnings last quarter better than expected , with an estimated quarter revenue is expected to increase 10 percent by quarter , from clients to recover a single control TSMC decided to amplify the main 28 -nanometer process capacity , shows the overall economic recovery in the second quarter semiconductor quite clear .Legal expected , TSMC orders are picked up, activate the relevant equipment spending will accelerate action , belong to the big league TSMC Han micro Branch, sand , Xin Yun, home board , plastic and other semiconductor equipment factory Philip , orders will also be synchronized to see growth .Barclays recently estimated that foreign brokerages , Micro- Chinese new electron beam testing equipment under shipment to inject pulled , March consolidated revenue is expected to hit a record high .In addition , the main packaging and testing partners of TSMC, ASE , SPIL , Taiwan Star Scientific also will benefit.

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