Price Of Backlight LED Resume Stable
Date: 2014-02-21

LED backlighting market prices bottomed out this year , as well as Korean manufacturers product upgrades , outsourcing orders increase , coupled with the industry through the survival of the fittest adjustment , backlight output this year is expected to remain high. And with economies of scale manufacturers such as Epistar , Epitaxy , Ronda , become beneficiaries will snatch market share this year . TV brand factory specializing in high- definition television this year , to stimulate TV sales , in which the Korean factory Samsung (Samsung) action is most active , in addition to pushing high-quality products, more emphasis on thin beauty -shaped appearance , is conducive to LED backlight shift to an increased demand for thin flip chip products . Industry, said Samsung flip backlight storm has brought benefits , including Epistar , Formosa Epitaxy have new products into the supply chain ; It is understood that Epistar alliance to strengthen the integration of upstream and downstream industries , deepen cooperation and common Edison development, in addition to lighting products, flip chip products are likely to follow will cooperate .Ronda said , flip the end product will be the amount of production in the first quarter , has now entered a small pilot production phase, the company forecast results are expected in the second quarter related to volume shipments, inject operational momentum. Ronda January consolidated revenue 1.22 billion yuan ( NT , the same below ) , the monthly increase of 11% , annual growth of 28% , although in January has always been for the off-season , but benefited from good backlight market momentum up the goods , in the first quarter to get rid of the off-season effect, the company said in January thin shipped direct type backlight module plant Japanese brands , estimates follow up the goods momentum is still strong. Taiwan's optoelectronics Association (PIDA) said Jason Lu, senior industry analyst , estimated the number of stars will be shipped this year, the backlight less than last year , the number of pieces of backlight to maintain the downward trend continued , but after a competition in the industry , many companies have been gradually withdrawn from the market , the current market can stand backlighting market will benefit from the bigger trends , as well as economies of scale of production is expected to decline this year, the average unit price trend will only stable , help manufacturers to push up profits this year are expected this year related to Taiwan backlight plant will get rid of profits slip fate.

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