IC Manufacturing Transfers To China
Date: 2014-02-21

As we all know , our country is a big consumer electronic product country , but there is a large gap from technology powerhouse , mainly sensors and other industrial components does not fully realize the localization , heavily dependent on imports . Which , in these electronic components , the most important element of IC , it is painful development of China's industry , the fund 's annual IC imports even more than the total spending on oil imports , urgent need to enhance the strength of the local IC industry . In the global IC design field next 10 years, the system and semiconductor design center from the United States , Japan and Europe shift to China and other Asian regions. Investors will turn their attention to the many other fabless Nasdaq (Nasdaq) and Asia -listed Chinese IC design companies. From the overall situation, with China , India and other countries compared to the United States is losing it in IC design and technology competitiveness. The Chinese already have a complete industrial ecology by the IC design , foundry , packaging and testing as well as system vendors composition. After years of rapid development, the Chinese consumer electronics market with a certain specificity, such as product life cycles are very short , the market for IC vendors provide very little information , low margin IC manufacturers , end-product manufacturers technical level low , consumers extremely diverse and so on. Although the chip manufacturing process still exists with the international mainstream generation gap  , but it is a technical problem , the future can be overcome. To sum up, China's IC industry is under economic globalization, the environment , development opportunities to catch up with the global mainstream ushered level through rapid replacement of consumer electronics products , improve production technology , improve industrial competitiveness.

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