Temptation Of LED Capitals
Date: 2014-02-24

Collapse , bankruptcy, boss running, so many times the word appears in the LED industry news .In 2013 , a large number of LED business failures in Guangdong , Shenzhen is one hundred million yuan level LED enterprise crashing down . 2013 For the LED business , it is a difficult one .After the IPO restarted in 2014, so that companies see a bright LED , this can be a valid path through the IPO and capital soon, get huge financing. At the same time , LED listed companies on suspicion of fraud listed IPO news also prevalent. IPO road for LED enterprises seem more twists and turns. Faced with the temptation of capital, more business after the IPO hopeless LED may choose three new board , mergers and acquisitions and other capital operation path. According Flush iFind data statistics, as of February 21 , there are 20 LED companies successfully listed on the GEM occupy half , the ratio reached 42.22% .In 2011, almost overnight , LED enterprise collective visit the capital market . Lehman optoelectronics, Hongli Opto-electronic , Alto electronics, Chau Ming Technology , Ruifeng power , joint construction of photovoltaic and LED Kingsun these companies are successfully listed in 2011 . The 2012 lasted this wave LED companies listed boom, there are successful listing of Mason Technologies , Riyadh , Jufei , rectangular lighting, Jiawei shares , HC, SemiTek and South Optoelectronics. However , LED corporate capital is still a hot chase , GSR Ventures in March 2009 also established the scale of 400 million LED industry fund , focusing on investment in Nanchang industrial park located in Jinsha LED enterprises , promote the LED industry in Nanchang development. "LED lighting market has the largest market started in this industry in the future there is a lot of space , but the LED industry concentration is low, competition is fierce, there will certainly be a major reshuffle. Energy market is the best , will be acquired is the main way . " Shenzhen, a PE who said the reporter , has a great future investment LED integrate acquisitions space. Currently, the PE who is investigating an LED project . LED industry newspaper reporter interviewed generally believe that 2014 will usher in a large LED industry reshuffle . In fact, capital operation and capital is not the only path to lasting bonds listed ways listed three new board , such as mergers and acquisitions will become retreat of some LED business .

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