LED Ushers Gold Period In 2014
Date: 2014-02-20

 In the spring of 2014 , the industry is very optimistic about the sector 's consistent development of LED industry in 2014 . Hongbiao Zhang ,director of research LED institute thinks that LED in 2014 will enter a new golden period of growth . Over the past few years , LED industry had rapid development , the development of all aspects of the industry chain have exceeded expectations, the rapid increase product cost . From 2010 to 2013 , the domestic LED indoor lighting products prices fell by more than 20 percent annually .LED products cost-effective upgrade to speed up the industrialization process , applications and other areas from the backlight to the rapid expansion of indoor lighting. Institute of Industrial Engineering released a set of research data shows that in 2013 the country reached 208.1 billion yuan output value of LED applications , including interior lighting output value of 62.6 billion yuan , accounting for 30%. This is the first time more than LED interior lighting landscape lighting has become the main driving force to promote sustained and rapid development of the industry .The general manager of Sunshine, Yong Guan believes that 2014 lighting applications should have 50 % growth , good business growth will be higher, up to 100 % or even 200% are possible. Zhang marked believes that 2014 LED industry investment should take three main lines, namely upstream ( sapphire material ) , investment opportunities in the field of lighting , as well as opportunities for industry mergers and consolidation. On industry mergers and acquisitions , the Research Institute of Industrial Engineering ,Xiao fei said that the development of new industries with jumping , such as the LED industry has not developed to maturity, had entered a consolidation phase . 2014 LED industry mergers and acquisitions or to continue, industry leaders will gradually appear. For the upstream industry chain sapphire material, as LED substrate , the current production capacity of the country has 80 million , but the actual demand for LED chip factory is 30 million , there is great variation between supply and demand , the current sapphire substrate business is losing money . However, once the sapphire applications for technical breakthroughs in the field of intelligent electronics , industry prospects are very bright. Upstream chips , currently more than 50 enterprises , China's domestic output of the LED chip companies over 7 billion , Zhang marked believes that in 2014 the output value is expected to reach 10 billion ,an increase of over 40%.

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